Post time: Jun-22-2020

    HYDRAULIC CYLINDER: The term fluid power is an important factor for the working of a hydraulic cylinder. Energy transmitted, stored, and used through the transfer and pressure of fluids. A Hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator used to push or pull a load or selectively resist motion under load,...Read more »

  • What Types of Seals are Used in Hydraulic Cylinders?
    Post time: Jun-15-2020

    Before going to see about the types of seals used in the hydraulic cylinder, first, we will get to know a clear picture of the hydraulic cylinder and its working. The term fluid power is an essential factor for the working of a hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator used to...Read more »

  • 10 Excellent Advice from the Hydraulic Engineer
    Post time: Jun-01-2020

    1. Flow rate: The suction pipeline is 0.5-1m/s    The pressure pipeline is 6-8m/s The return pipeline is 2-3 m/s        The pilot pipeline is 1.2m /s.   2. Suction pipe and drainage pipe: These two pipis shall be at least 2.5 times the diameter below the liquid level, but not less than 100mm. Th...Read more »

  • Basic Seal Knowledge of Hydraulic Cylinders
    Post time: May-27-2020

    Many people would think that the purpose of the sealing ring on the piston is to prevent the piston rod from falling (when the cylinder is placed vertically). This idea is wrong. First of all, we shall understand the basic structure of the typical hydraulic cylinder, mainly composed of the follow...Read more »

  • Which Equipment in Mining and Metallurgy Needs Hydraulic Cylinders?
    Post time: May-13-2020

    Do you know which equipment in mining and metallurgy need hydraulic cylinders? According to the analysis of metallurgical mine equipment, the application rate of hydraulic cylinders in equipment reaches 6.1%~8.1%. It accounts for about 10% of the total equipment usage. From the industry statistic...Read more »

  • How to Find the Cause of Hydraulic Failure? II
    Post time: Apr-13-2020

      Last time, we talked about the first method of how to find out the cylinder failure cause. Today, let’s have two more ways. 1.Cause and Effect Diagrams Using the method of cause-and-effect Diagram, also called the fishbone diagram, to analyze the failures of hydraulic equipment, we c...Read more »

  • How to Find the Cause of Hydraulic Failure? I
    Post time: Mar-25-2020

    How to Find the Cause of Hydraulic Failure? That’s the first issue you may conform to before hydraulic repair.Here are three basic methods that Yongxiang Hydraulic technical staff suggests to you. Today, we are talking about the first one. 1.According to the hydraulic system diagram The pr...Read more »

  • Basic Information You Should Know About Doubling Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
    Post time: Mar-18-2020

    A hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that performs linear motion. There are two styles, single rod cylinder, and double rod cylinder. This time, we are talking about the double-acting one. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder has an oil inlet and an oil outlet on both sides of the piston ...Read more »

  • Do you know what is hydraulic?
    Post time: Mar-09-2020

    What is hydraulic? Simply speaking, it’s like electricity and air, which is around our daily life. When a current flows through a wire, motors work. When the liquid flows through the pipe, cylinders work. The figure below shows how the hydraulic system drives the cylinders.   The liquid run...Read more »

  • Daily Maintenance Skills of Hydraulic Cylinder
    Post time: Dec-19-2019

    In the work, if you can master some simple and easy-to-operate maintenance skills, it can help you prolong the hydraulic cylinders service life. Here are some skills to share with you. First: Derusting When works, the piston part of the hydraulic cylinder often stretches out. And It can be eroded...Read more »

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