Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder: YX08YCD250/YCG250, YCD350/YCG350 series is double-acting single (double) cylinder. It’s heavy-duty style of high degree of security and reliability. It performs well with demanding working situation. Sealing element is installed in rod head and end by flange. It’s easy to be disassembled and reassembled. Buffer function can be controlled by the adjustable restrictor valve.

  • Bore dia: 40-320mm
  • Rod dia: 20-220mm
  • Working pressure: 25-35MPa
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    Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder 

    modeļa #

    YC08YCD     250    B     100/70 -   100    A   10   /  01   C    A   D    M   A




    Yongxiang Hidrauliskās

    YCD: Differential Cylinder

    YCG: Synchronous Cylinder


    250 Series: Rated Pressure 25MPa 350 Series: Rated Pressure 35MPa


    Installation Type Symbol: A, B, C, D, E, F


    Rod Dia / Piston Dia mm


    Stroke (mm)


    Rod Beidzas Savienojuma tips: A: Tēma Savienojums B: 4 * Rod End: Metinātie savienojums Rod vadītājs: skrūvēšanai


    Series No.


    01: BSP Tēma 02: ISO Thread


    C: CK45, cieta hromēšana H: 3 * CK53 dzēšana un cieta hromēšana  

    N: CK45 Ķīmiskā niķelēšana un cieta hromēšana


    G: 2 * pavedienā CGA, CGAK Lodveida šarnīra Auskari CSA ieliktnis Auskari

    A: 2 * cgas sfēriska Hinge Auskari


    Bufera Tips: U: Nē Buffer K: Two End S: Rod Head K: Rod End


    M: Mineral Oil -NBR Oil Seal V: Phosphate Ester - PVDF- HFP Oil Seal


    Virzuļa Seal:  

    A: U tips Oil Seal V: V tipa Oil Seal T: 1 * Slip Ring ar zemas berzes


    1 * Par 250MPa Series

    2 * Par 250MPa un 350MPa Series

    3 * Par virzuļa stieņa ≤100

    4 * Par 250MPa un 350MPa, virzuļa stieņa ≤100

    Shape Drawing

    36be771d_副本Main Production and Inspection Process

    Working process

    Inspection Type Inspection Standard
    Raw Material Inspection Before storage, QC takes a measurement of the raw materials.
    Process Material Inspection During the production, QCs conduct a random inspection.
    Before the hydraulic cylinder parts transferred to the next process, QCs takes inspection.
    Final Function Testing All the hydraulic cylinders take hydraulic function test


    Company Certificates

    IS09001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate-1_副本

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