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As a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, Yongxiang Hydraulic provides diverse options for customers. Our experience and engineering expertise have delivered thousands of high-quality cylinders to metallurgy, mining, and vehicle industries. more +


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    Cylinders from Yongxiang Hydraulic are sold worldwide. The quality of our design, manufacturing, and service is proven in our customers' return, year after year, project to project.

    Yongxiang HYDRAULICUS est ISO (IX)I: MMXV & ISO (XIV)I: MMXV Regular Registered es operated ad normam ISO Company et productio signa.

    Auxilium Design fabrum es available for on-site responsio deployment in exitibus ut productum scientia et technica significant nisi auferat a phone vocationem.

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Yongxiang Hydraulic has been building high quality, custom hydraulic cylinders for 16 years. We have the experience of producing reliable cylinders, no matter the application.
The facility has been built to handle and machine heavy parts and long rods and tubes. The experienced engineering department knows how to work with your needs. Small or large, one or one hundred, Yongxiang Hydraulic can meet your requirements.

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